Sunday, May 31, 2009

Loving cable again...

Ok so haven't had cable at home in about a year now. We turned it off because we were paying soo much for it and basically didn't want to pay that much anymore. The cable company kept telling us they didn't have any promotions for us so we would have to continue to keep paying almost 200.00 a month for cable, internet and phone.
So we were really tired of just watching movies all the time. You know sometimes you don't want to have to sit there and watch something for 3 hours, we would just rather watch some mindless tv show for 30 minutes. So on Friday we got cable again. Plus in our room we got DVR. Which is where you can record tv, pause and rewind tv, and record shows for when you aren't home.
With it we got HBO and CINEMAX.
I am just really enjoying having it again. I feel like a little kid. :) I am watching a murder mystery case show right now. I have watched alot of HGTV and Food Network already. lol.
Just wanted to share.... oh the simple things that bring me joy. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Garage Sale Mood

Although I love going to garage sales, I don't often like to have them. They are a big deal to get ready for. Sorting and going through everything that you want to sell. Then what if you sit outside all day, for a mear $ it really worth it?
Well I am in itching to have a garage sale soon. I have been going through stuff and really want to have one now. I am in an organizing mood lately.

So I want to sell stuff like and old red rug we had in the living room, the old stroller and carseat that we got for Caleb (like new), the old highchair we had for both babies, we have BAGS and BAGS of old clothes from all 6 of us. Some purple pillows, so old frames from when I worked at Kiddie Kandids, some of the kids old toys that is taking over their room that they just don't play with anymore. I was thinking about selling the queen bed we have as well. Right now it is in the babies room, but just takes up way too much room. I want to get a bunk bed for their room soon. Some old dishes and most of the grape decorations I took out of the kitchen. Some old sheets and blankets that we have an over abundance of. Things like that. Oh I want to go through the pots and pans as well. They are spilling out of the cabinets and I seem to use the same ones over and over. I have some old scrapbooking stuff that I want to get rid of....Stuff like that.
Now it is the whole process of getting it all together, pricing it, and then commiting to it.

What to do with a tall wall

Well I mentioned in the post about rearranging that I knew what I wanted to do with that tall wall in our living room/kitchen area.

Ok I found this HERE on the Thrifty Decor Chicks blog. I love this idea. Here is a photo of her wall.

This is in her play area/loft. I am going to do this with our tall wall. Here is our wall.

I am going to be on the hunt for shelves like this now. I have two white ones, and if I can find 3 more that are similar...then I have got it. I can't wait to get it all together. I know myself and will probably not wait until I have all 5 shelves to actually start putting them up on the wall. I will also be on the hunt for tons of cheap frames (thrift stores and garage sales) to spray paint and add photos too. When I rearranged we had that black bookcase that had all the photos on it, but daily got rearranged by the two little ones. So they were usually just laying down on the shelves. Well this way I can still display them, and no little fingers can reach them. I love it. I also really like the framed monogram she has on the very top shelf. I am thinking along with the photos I want some M's to display. I have always liked the look of letters on shelves, and I think this would go great on these shelves. I know this picture of my wall doesn't even show exactly how tall the wall really is, but it is tall. If you look in the back of the photo, you can kind of tell how the ceiling slants up. Well it is tall and I have always struggled with what to do with it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kids just know.

Do you ever have one of those moments when your kids say something to you, and it is just the most perfect thing? It is like they just knew what you wanted them to say, without you ever telling them?
Just a little while ago, I gave little Jacob a coupon to throw away. He says to Caleb ,"Caleb, this coupon says she is the best Mommy ever."

It brought me to tears because it was like he just knew I needed to hear that at this exact moment on this exact day. Then of course he asked why I was crying and I told him it just made me so happy that he said that.
See the reason being is that recently someone told me that in their opinion I was a horrible mother, I didn't like my kids and I didn't deserve my kids, I was a *itch, and I am not nor would I ever be a mother to Ryan and Marcus. Well I could care less what other people think of me, but sometimes weather you believe the words that someone is saying to you they still hurt. As a mother we all know we question ourselves daily, and to hear that it stung alot. My response to these people was nothing. I chose not to fight with them INFRONT of my kids as they were yelling this at me.
If anyone knows me at all, EVERYTHING I do in my life is for Jacob and the kids. I wake up each and everyday and thank God that I have them all in my life. I would not be a complete person without them in it.

So as I sit here and type this (and cry again)... I just thank my child for thinking that. There is not many other greater moments being a mom as when you hear that from your child.
To those that said that about me, I don't care what they think and if that is they way they feel then they need no part in my childrens lives (ALL 4 of my children that is).

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Rearrange

Here is a picture of the kitchen table before. Hard to tell but the long part went with the long part of the kitchen.
This is an old picture of the living room, but pretty much how we just had it. The only difference was that we didn't have the fish tank anymore, and behind the couch is where I had my salvation army desk.

This is the kitchen now. So the table is turned in the different direction. The black hutch is now in there. I have decided that I don't like the faux brick painting on the wall anymore, and am ready to repaint over it and the walls in a lighter taupey tanish color.
This is now what is on the black hutch. All clear crystal stuff. The orange and green arrangement is my moms that she forgot at her party, and I keep forgetting to give to her. The top left crystal plate....funny thing about it is that it is plastic. lol. It just matched and looked nice when I was trying to find stuff to put up there.
This black bookcase used to be right on the wall when you walked in the front door. It had only pictures on it. But the babies were always touching them and the pictures were always knocked over. So now it has scrapbooks and actual books on it.

This is the living room arrangement now. The tv was in the right hand corner.

Here is where I moved the bakers rack in the kitchen. Don't look at the cabinets that still need to be finished painting.

Here is the entry way now. This table used to be right under the window in the kitchen. Since the table is turned it didn't fit. So now it is in the entry and I love it so much more here. This table was my grandmas and got it when my dad died. I am thinking about painting just parts of it black, but haven't decided yet. The candle holder is going black though. The arrangement used to have red flowers in it too, but I took them out as I am trying to windle away the red. My grandma made me the arrangement years ago.

Here is the living room view from the front door.

Here is the salvation army table now against this wall that the black hutch was on. I saw today what I am going to do with this super tall wall. Ill find the link and show you.

I didn't photograph my layouts yet, but I did get a photo of what I have been working on for a few days now. I got it finished tonight and got a few printed out. It is Caleb's 2nd birthday party invitations. I did it all in Microsoft Word, and printed them out on photo paper. I love the way they turned out. I am pretty proud of it actually. I kept redoing it over and over again, and just wasn't thrilled with it. Then this one just kind of all came together from ideas from different ones that I had done. We are having a Circus party. :) I can't wait. My mom is finding out about a clown. I think a clown doing balloons or face painting would be so cool.
We are having bbq beef sandwiches, beans and fruit at the party. Then for the drink I am doing something I saw in a magazine or online somewhere. They got sprite in a huge punch bowl. HERE (I found it) This idea was for 4th of July...but still I like the idea. So the ice cubes are different colors. It is just frozen gatorade. So to go with the theme of the party I am going to make them red yellow and blue. Then just put them in a huge bowl of sprite. I think that will be so cute. :) I am getting so many ideas. So here is the invitation.

We are going to a fish fry at my aunts house on Saturday and I am excited. I think it will be alot of fun. Even though Jacob and I have been together for over 10 years he hasn't met my extended side of the family and there are going to be alot of them there. But I think it will be fun. Something different we have never done. I am sure that I will have alot of pictures of it to share.
Off to put away some laundry and get into bed and watch shark tales with the babies. They always sleep with me when Jacob is on graveyard. lol.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

What are you doing to celebrate today? Us...NOTHING. Feels good too. :) Jacob is on graveyard so he has to work tonight, and is sleeping today. So we are just chilling at home today. Seems to be the thing for us lately. I have been not sleeping well for the past 2 weeks or so, so I seem to be tired alot lately. Then all the other days off that Jacob had were spent working on the new boat, and getting it ready for last Tuesday when we took it out to Silverwood. (I think I'll share those pictures too). So this weekend and week are just spent relaxing. However, today when Jacob went to bed me and the kids compeltely rearranged the kitchen and living room. Yes I said kitchen too. I moved the black hutch into the kitchen, turned the table in a different direction, moved the bakers rack, and then moved all the furniture in the living room. We moved the tv back to it's original wall, moved the couch around, moved the bookcase. I have to say that I LOVE how it turned out. I really love the kitchen too. This original tan hutch that I painted black, has always been on this one wall in our living room. The wall that I have a hate hate relationship with. Our living room is a horrible shape, and this wall is there, but hard to put anything on. It really isn't in the kitchen area, but isn't in the living room either. So the black hutch has always been there, with a catch all of things. It had some candles, books, mini a mish mash of all things that didnt' really have a home. Well I scooted it into the wall in the kitchen and took everything off and just put back on some clear crystal things that I we have in different areas. I LOVE it. I will photograph it later when I can go in my room and grab my camera. I turned my kitchen table, and even though the chair by the window, doesn't have tons of room to be pushed in and out, there is still enough room that I can get in and out, so it is fine. It totally opens up the kitchen and almost makes me not want to move. lol. I will find before and after photos to show you here.

So on to the boat pictures.

Here is the boat that we bought for.... $400.00. We got such a deal on it. We had to drive to San Pedro to get it, and then tow it home. Then the mans wife works at the DMV, and hooked us up helping us out getting the paperwork done to put it in our names. We even got a forever plate for the trailer. Cool. So the registration and transfer for it all was only $148.00.

Here is Jacob out driving it at Silverwood Lake last Tuesday.

Here are me and the babies. We all wore tons of sunscreen and didn't get a bit of sun.
Here is Marcus lounging on the boat as we took a drive in it.
The kids loved playing in the COLD water when we weren't out on the boat.

Jacob was not afraid of the water as much this time, which is a big improvement from other water times.

Here is my handsome (and now REALLY REALLY tan) husband driving the boat. He was enjoying himself so much.

Here is a view of the water from the back of the boat.

I caught this rainbow as we were out on the lake as well.

We had a good time on Tuesday. We took the BBQ with us, and bbq's hamburgers and hot dogs. We took some chips and bean dip too and it was all good. (Ok...I brought ketchup and mustard that were almost empty, but it still worked out). We headed home about 7:30 pm ish. It was fun and I can't wait to go out again. We need one more little life jacket, since Walmart only had one in the little size that we need. But it was all good.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Weekend

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. We are still having connection issues, but I can stay signed on for only a few minutes at a time. GRRR.... Jacob is off tomorrow, and then graveyard again on Sunday-Wednesday nights. So for Memorial Day me and the kids will be relaxing at home and just taking it easy. I don't feel like driving or being out on the road. So today we have a few things to do and then we will just take it easy tonight and we are doing nothing tomorrow so I can stay home and scrapbook all day. I have some stuff to share, but I haven't taken pictures yet. I will share them next week.
Have a safe and sober weekend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Internet issues...

be back as soon as we figure out the issues

Friday, May 15, 2009

Check this out.

Check out this great giveaway HERE . I know I'd love to get that great stuff in the mail. Go now and leave a comment to be entered to win as well.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last Paycheck

Going in a few minutes to pick up my very last paycheck from Scrapbook Boulevard. :( I have layouts to share later too.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Making necessary phone calls today

I don't know why, but it always seems that when I have to make one important phone call it seems that I end up having to make several. So today I had to call

1. Insurance company to change the doctor they selected for me, and request new insurance cards for everyone (again).

2. Children's Hospital Of Los Angeles to schedule and appointment for the GATE LAB for Jacob. They want to do a walking study with him before they schedule his surgery. They are in the process of getting a referral (what else is new) before they can schedule the appointment.

3. The wife of the man we bought the boat from. He filled out the paperwork wrong, so it has to be changed. She was supposed to mail it out to us on Friday and is just finally doing it today.

4. DMV. We wanted to find out how much it was going to cost in transfer fees and registration on the boat. Less than $200.00 for registration and transfer fees for both the boat and trailer. Not bad. I was thinking ALOT more.

5. The lady about the house we were looking at. I need to call her and tell her we are not going to be taking that house.

6. Call about the other house in the newspaper that I found.

7. Call Marcus' facilitator and reschedule our appointment.

8. Call Ryan's facilitator and reschedule our appointment.

9. Had to call my mom first thing this morning and wish her Happy Birthday.

10. Call my step dad and tell him that Jacob isn't going to go with him to the buisness meeting tonight. Jacob is too tired from being on graveyard.

Gosh.... I used to love to talk on the phone...and now I don't. I wonder why. lol.
Jacob is sleeping right now and I am trying to keep the kids quiet, and it isn't working that great. I need to finish helping Ryan with his Chinese report, and I need to type up Marcus' report for him. I don't feel like doing that though...but I guess I have to do it sooner rather than later....
Making stroganoff for dinner tonight. Maybe then I can get some scrpabooking done tonight.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Real quick

Look what I found HERE. I have seen the Cricut infomercial where you can try out their machine. Well now they have the same thing for the Silhouette. It is $29.99 plus $20.00 s/h. Then it is $39.99 a month for 6 months. Not a bad deal if you want to be able to make payments on it.
Check it out.

Changing my mind

that is ok right? Well this house that I totally fell in love with...well I have decided I don't love it so much anymore. Not the house itself, because really I do LOVE it. However I started thinking and Jacob and I were talking. Ok it is $150.00 more than we pay now a month. Well if we found a bigger house but in the same amount we pay now, we will not be dishing out that much more. Makes sense to save rather than spend more. Plus since it is a two story, the utility bills would be more to heat and cool the upstairs. So really this $150.00 more turns into a lot more than that. So even though I love the house itself, I don't love the extra money we would be spending on it. So I have been looking around and am finding 4 and 5 bedroom house for what we pay now and some even less. Less would be great. Also Jacob liked the house, but it didn't call his name like it was mine. lol. I want us to both be excited about it and love it like we did when we moved into this house. He didn't like the amount it was from the beginning. So since he is the voice of reason sometimes when I put my heart into it, I need to take lessons from my husband and think about things before I make these quick decisions. Even though he says if I love it enough that if it is what I really want, he will love it to as long as I am happy (aghhh!). But really I think there is a reason it didn't work out the day we found it. For this very reason. I always say that I am a firm believer in what is meant to be will be. So whatever is meant to be for us, I know it will work out.
Speaking of that I found a 6 bedroom house in the newspaper today for what we pay now. WOW. I am wondering why it is that cheap, so I am going to call on it tomorrow and see what they say. Nice thing is that it is just around the corner from us too.

On another great note.. I think I am going to get a quickutz silhouette for my birthday from my mom and stepdad. Look at the great deal they have HERE . I told my mom about it, and she almost always gets me what I want for my birthday, so I think I am going to be getting it for my bday in July. I hope I can wait that long though lol. Hope I don't go and buy it before then. lol. No just kidding. I don't know why, but I just can't seem to buy expensive stuff like that for myself. I guess I just think I could be spending that on something for Jacob or the kids or something like that. Do you know how many grocerries that much would buy. lol. That is how I think though. That is why Jacob will usually just buy the things I want for me because I just can't bring myself to buy them for myself.

So I didn't get anymore scrapbooking done today because I was helping the boys with their final reports for school. Marcus is doing Japanese Civilization and Ryan is doing Chinese Civilization.
So off to bed.
Jacob is off for the next 5 days so that will nice. Unfortunately we couldn't plan our vacation for this week because they kids have a few things to turn in and do for school. So that wouldn't have worked out for us. Darn it. Oh well. I am excited thinking that we might be able to go to The Aquarium of the Pacific though next week. I think that will work out for sure.

So off to bed now I think. The kids are all still awake. lol. I am tired, but itching to scrapbook too. Who knows. Maybe my chair will call my name when I get into my room.


Read this post HERE . See my name there at the bottom of her post. That is MY name. I left a comment on her blog and I am a winner of some scrapbooking stuff. I am excited. I can't wait to get the stuff in the mail. I emailed her last night with my address. I will share what I get when it comes.
I scrapbooked a little last night, a total scraplift from someone, but that is all good.

Off to run some errands and pick up the applications for that house.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Inspiration found here.

Thought I would share just some of the blogs that I love to stock ,er I mean read daily. This isn't nearly all of the ones I read, but the ones that I have been so drawn to their layouts lately.

Nichol Magouirk - Oh my gosh. I want a silhouette, and I swear everytime I read her blog I search for a cheap one. She does amazing things with her die cuts. She does beautiful pages. I love how she uses so many different pp all together and it never look busy or cluttered or stupid.

Kelly Goree - I LOVE Basic Grey paper. Her work is beautiful. Just beautiful. I get so excited when she posts layouts on her blog because I always save them to my computer for inspiration.

Kerri Bradford - I like reading her blog. She share alot of family and scrapbooking. She shares alot of her travels as well. Oh how I wish I could see half of the places she has. She works with quickutz now and designs some of the silhouette downloads.

Nic Howard - Beautiful work again. She lives in New Zeland. Her pages are gorgeous!!

Laura Vegas - I love her use of twine. I am really into twine right now. Her pages are pretty simple most of the time, but I like that too. She works for Making Memories.

Becky Higgins - Who doesn't love Becky? I love her sketches. I love how simple her layouts are but they still are great. Sometimes I think pages I see are too plane, but Becky's are wonderful. She is so cute, and I love how organized she is.

Denine Zielinski - I found this blog through another blog. Isn't that how it always works. I love how she mixes different pp that I never would have thought went together and her pages are great.

Kandis Smith - She has great pages too. I love THIS Halloween layout she just posted. I love using small photos and in black and white too.

Jen Gallagher - Love her clean lines as well. She has amazing pages as well. She lost a son when he was 13 years old and everytime I read something about it I ball my eyes out. I could not even imagine. She is a strong women for having to live through that. She did a great page that she just posting asking the question if she taught him enough in the time that he was alive. What can you even say to that? HERE is that layout. Her blog is where i got the idea to share some of my favorite blogs for inspiration.

I do have to say that all of the blogs on my blog list provide me with inspiration, but these layouts seem to really grab my attention lately. I don't know if it is the clear lines, the tons of use of twine lol, or what, but I am just totally drawn to them lately.

Hop on over and see what I mean.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, mothers to be, soon to be mothers, and non mothers. I got a wonderful breakfast made for me this morning, and a wonderful lunch as well. Both were made by Marcus. Just being lazy today. Jacob is sleeping because he has to work again tonight. But I took a shower this morning and just put my pajamas back on. lol. I don't feel like doing anything today, first because I am so stuffed from breakfast and lunch, and second becasue I just can do that today.
I think later when Jacob goes to work I will sit at my desk and do some scrapbooking too. I used to bring out a bunch of stuff while he was sleeping and scrapbook out in the living room, but it is just so hard to lug it all out, then most of the time I want something that is still in the bedroom, and then I have to lug it all back and put it away. So I don't really do that anymore. Which that is fine, I will just scrpabook tonight after he goes to work, and then this week when he is off of work.
I am bummed that they changed his work schedule and we will NOT be able to go on vacation to Disneyland this coming weekend. URGH! But since he didn't take a vacation, they can make him work. So we are thinking of going to the Aquarium of the Pacific one day next week when he is off. Since they close at 6pm, we don't have to worry about missing stuff and having to head home early. Right now you can buy discounted tickets at Ralphs and all 6 of us can get into the park for about $75.00. That is a great price really. So we are hoping that it works out and we can go. We don't know exactly what his schedule is going to be the next week so we will see.
I am finding so many blogs online with such great inspiration that I think I should share some of them. I love all the blogs I read, but right now I am so drawn to a couple blogs and their scrapbook style. I will work on a post for that and share it.
On a quick last side note. Caleb can talk, but usually choses to just not talk. Or at least we say he is just not talking English. However when he wants to he says words, or phrases just as clear as day. Well today I asked little Jacob a question, and then said "Oh, nevermind". Caleb walks up to me and says, clear as day "Nevermind". It really sounds more like Nebermind, but still that is what he is saying. It is so darn cute we have been having him say it all day long. :) Oh the little things that amuze us when it comes to our kids. lol.
Off to change a stinky diaper...oh for Mother's Day I wish he could change his own lol.
Enjoy your day.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The party is over.

Well the party was great. My mom was TOTALLY surprised. She instantly started crying when she realized what was going on. She walked in and was giving the babies kisses and then she saw all of us in the kitchen and she was in shock. LOL. So the orange and green theme was great. Funny that it is the same color as her bathroom at home, so she took home some flowers and the wreath (which that was my intention to give them to her).
I am so mad at myself for not getting a picture of my mom and me together like I had wanted to do. I was having such a good hair day today too. Oh well. Then I had the birthday banner hung up with some orange green and white lanterns, and it kept falling down, so I never got a picture of that either. Oh well.

So here is the table with the white, orange and green food and decorations on it.

Here is her pineapple upside down cake with some flowers on it.

Here she is blowing out her candles.
Here is the jellos that I made. We ended up with this many left over. lol. I think I made alot of jello. But that is ok because the kids will eat them. I put cool whip on the ones that we put out, but even with the air on it was hot from the oven and it was starting to melt.

It turned out very nice and I am so glad that she was surprised. I really was afraid that she did know about it, but she didn't so that is good.

I am working on some scrapbook pages, but I am worn out too, so I might just relax tonight. I don't know. Maybe I will just play on the internet looking at some of my favorite sites. I dont' feel like moving from this chair that is for sure.

I can't believe that tomorrow is Mother's Day. The kids claim they are going to make me breakfast in the morning. A great Mother's Day would be no fighting once from any of the kids, no crying, no yelling, and me scrapbooking all day. lol. YEAH RIGHT. There are tears shed at least 6 times a day, the babies are always yelling at each other and they all fight with each other. So we will see.

I am thinking tonight since I am here in the living room on the laptop we should put in a movie and we should all watch it together. Well all being me and the kids since Jacob has to work again tonight.
Off to find some fun stuff online. :)

Orange and green

I am seeing in orange and green. LOL. No really. My moms surprise party is tomorrow at our house and the theme is in orange and green. I have been getting everything ready tonight along with folding tons of laundry I am way behind on.
For decorations I have:
Orange, Green and White lanterns
orange, green and white gerber daisies
clear and green crystals
a beaded wreath
a orange, green and white happy birthday banner I made
orange and green balloons
white streamer

orange and white napkins and silverware
orange and white napkins
plates in orange
plates in white with green and yellow on them
tablecloth in orange (if I can find it... :) )
green cloth squares to accent the table
orange cups

orange, clear and green bowls, dishes, and serving trays

Menu is

Chicken (white)
Salad (Green and some orange)
Carrots (orange...I am sure you see the pattern here)
Green Beans
Mashed potatoes

Fruit (honeydew and cantaloupe)
chocolate covered strawberries
pretzels dipped in white chocolte and sprinkled with green apple sprinkles
orange and lime jello in little 3 oz. green plastic cups with cool whip on top and a pineapple inside the jello.

For dessert we are having pineapple upside down cake and vanilla ice cream and orange and green sherbert.

For the drinks we are having orange soda and sprite (the bottle is green) and of course diet coke for my mom.

The family is coming, except my grandma and Jim who are out of the state on vacation, and my aunt who has to work. Then Don invited a few friends of theirs. I think she is going to be so surprised.
I will share pictures later.
I have to get up early and finish up some stuff to get ready and vaccuum the house and mop too.

Off to bed now...I am tired.

Still dreaming of that house too. I am meeting the lady on Monday to get the application.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

I found these two guys at the Thrift Store today. I believe I was at the American Way. I have found that I don't like the American Way, even though it is much bigger, as much as I really like the Salvation Army. TSA is cheaper. I was finding used stuff for expensive prices at TAW.

However I did find these two things. Each of them were only $1.99. I don't think I would have bought them if they were any more that that. The little urn vase has a little chip on one corner on the stand, and the tray is just down right ugly. They are currently drying in the front yard with a nice few coats of black spray paint on them. I really like that tray with the black on it, but I am still not sure about the urn vase. I am thinking the urn vase needs more of a brownish color to it. I will have to check out the spray paint colors next time I am at Walmart, or make a special trip to The Home Depot.

Ok I talked to the lady about the house again today. She said that she promises she will not rent it out. She is going to meet with me on Monday to give us the applications. As long as it all checks out the house will be ours. :) She has to make sure that we are not being evicted, or ever have been evicted and we don't go around writing bad checks. :) Which neither of those are us, so it is looking like it is going to work out, but I still don't want to get my hopes up until we have given our deposit and we are ready to move in. She is having the new brown carpet put in at the beginning of next week as well. Then she wants me to go look at it with the new carpet as well. She told me today that we should just like the kind of people they are looking for to put in this house. She has had about 30 other calls on it as well.
I am praying that this is meant for us. :) I think it was so meant to be becasue this was just the third or so house I called about, and only the second person I had actually talked to. The first guy was real nice, but he gave me the wrong address, so I couldn't find the house. The kids and I thought we found which one it was, but it just didn't jump out at me you know.

So I thought I would just share a couple pictures of the house....just so you can enjoy them with me. LOL.

I AM SO EXCITED still thinking about it. OMG I so hope that there are no problems and it is for sure ours.

Here is the front of the house.

Here is the BIG kitchen. I love how open it is. I am standing in the area where you would put a table and chairs in there.

Here are the stairs. See that wall there, I would so put a few pictures of the kids in black frames on that wall. Then in a vinyl quote have it say, "We do not remember days, but Moments".

Ok I am off to dream so more. I have the entire house decorated in my mind already. LOL. Ok I will stop now. No really I am off to finish up some stuff for my moms surprise party on Saturday. I am making a cute orange and green happy birthday banner with beads hanging. It is turning out real cute.
For her birthday I am making her a camera strap cover in a really pretty fabric. Acutally I am thinking I am going to make her two of them. I will share them later though.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

That house

has been consuming all of my thoughts. lol. We went with Jacob this morning to look at it again. Then we were busy all day so I didn't get home until 8:30pm. The lady had called twice to see if we looked at it again. I called her back, but she didn't answer. So I am looking forward to talking with her tomorrow.
I really hope that it all works out. I am afraid to get my hopes up so much and then have it not work out. So I am just going to leave it as if it is meant to be the house for us then it will all work out.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I fell in love with a house today

We decided that we could afford to look for a little bit bigger house. I looked at 2 today and I fell in LOVE with this house. Ok it is only 150.00 more a month than we pay now.
3 bedrooms
master has a shower and toilet in the bathroom
one sink
2 car garage
2 bathrooms
Dining table is in the kitchen area
Decent backyard
one hall closet
one entry closet
no overhead lights


4 bedrooms
master has 2 huge closets
a shower and toilet in a behind door area
and a seperate whirlpool bathtub
double sinks
1 den
1 rec area
upstairs laundry room
one entry closet
one big storage area upstairs with a counter
2 rooms upstairs
master upstairs
1 bathroom upstairs
1 real room downstairs
the den is downstairs, but Marcus claimed that room already. lol
a nice backyard with a dog house already
a dining area
an area in the kitchen for a small table and chairs
they are putting in BRAND NEW carpet in a brown color
just painted a nice bright white
a window and ledge on the stairs

OMG I want this house so bad. I really hope that it works out for us. I am firm believer that everything happens for a reason, so if it doesn't work out I will be ok with that, but I REALLY hope that it does.
Jacob is still at work, so me and the kids went over and looked at it. I took pictures of it so that I could show Jacob tonight when he gets home. (He's going to the baseball game with some guys from work after work tonight).

I HOPE SO!!!!!!
The lady said that 5 people looked at it today and 4 of them were currently being evicted, and they won't rent to someone being evicted. Good thing for us. :)

We will just have to wait and see......

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Best Friend.

Today is the *^th birthday of my dear sweet best friend. Even though we don't get to see each other often, or ever for that matter, or talk on the phone hardly I still think of her daily. I wish we lived closer so that we could hang out and our kids could become good friends too.

She is a wonderful friend, a great mom, hard worker, beautiful, a survivor of many things, smart, funny and just an overall great person. We don't talk to often on the phone, we usually email each other, but when we do talk it is like we talk everyday on the phone. We met back in 7th grade. I had just moved to town and we had the same math class together and we ended up going to the same church, and really the rest is history. We were instant friends. I remember when she came up to me at church and started talking to me. We went through the rest of junior high together and then all of high school until I moved away. We continued to keep in touch and have known each other now over half of our lives. I really wish we lived closer, but that is just life sometimes. I wish she would move closer here. :) Then our kids could hang out. Jacob and Jack are only a month apart from each other. We could go shopping together and scrapbook together. Oh how I could only wish...... Maybe one day we will live closer together. This is the only current picture I have at the moment. (I copied it off her profile from this parenting site we used to go on).

Happy Birthday girl. Hope it is a good one this year. :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another completed layout.

This is the layout I did this morning. Well ok I have to admit that I had most of the layout done along time ago. I did it before Hailee's birthday party, I just had to add the photos. Well I printed them out this morning and added them. Then I got out my stickers that matched the paper and added the embelishments. The picture is dark again, sorry... I don't have good natural light in my house and it is too windy to take it outside. All the papers and stickers are imaginisce, then bazzill bling in white and light pink. The number 3 is from a set of chipboard numbers I got at Joanns for $1.00. The colors matched perfectly. I originally got them so I could paint them whatever color I needed, but heck why not use it if it matches.

I am waiting for my clothes to dry so I can finish getting ready for work, but I just wanted to share this layout.
My goal is to blog everyday for one month. Let's see...ya right.


I actually did start AND finish a layout yesterday. I really love it too. I don't know if it because I got to use girl colors or just because the fact that I acutally got to scrapbook. Here is the completely layout. I love the little button sprinkle as I call it. :)

I used some Basic Grey paper, Imaginisce, Autumn Leaves, Bazzill Kraft Cardstock, Karen Foster and Memory Makers. It was so much fun to actually sit down and play. Even more so now than before because I am all reorganized in a much better system that works great for me.

I know the pictures aren't the greatest, but it I just took them and there was no good light today. It is cloudy and really windy outside today.

I have to work today and it is my last day to work. The store is open for about 2 more weeks, but I can't work any day during the week, next weekend is my moms birthday party and then mother's day, and the weekend after that is the stores last and we are on vacation that weekend. So I am so sad. However, I am going to be getting my hands on some Basic Grey Lime Rickey today. :) Thank you so much Cheryl.

Off to create something else before I have to get ready for work.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bad Bad Blogger

We have had so much going on since the wedding I still have not had a chance to actually sit down and scrapbook anything. :( I had good intentions of doing it today and that hasn't worked out yet either. We just seem to be on the go every single day lately. Last weekend was Jacob's brother's fiancee bridal shower, last week we went to San Pedro to buy a boat, Jacob has been working on writing his ABC's, I finally finished up the thank you cards for the wedding and my bridal shower, the kids caught a lady bug and we made a home in a jar for it. I have gotten a few new things at a few different thrift stores to go around the house, a school board meeting we had to go to for Ryan to get into Excelsior, facilitator meetings for both the older boys, doctors appointments in LA and up here for Daddy Jacob, working, birthday party for Marcus, reorganizing all my scrapbook stuff on my desk and in my closet, putting up and away all the wedding gifts, school work with the older get the idea. I am also planning a little surprise party for my mom for next Saturday. Her birthday is May 12th. I am doing it in an orange and lime green theme. I have found some really cute stuff and think it is going to turn out nice. I am excited. I am working on some stuff for that still as well too. Yesterday we finally went big grocery shopping because we were tired of eating out so much the last week. I just never had time to go to the store. :(
The store that I work at is closing in 2 weeks :(. So this Sunday is going to be my last day working. I am sad. The poor store looks so empty when I go in there.

We are SUPPOSED to be going on vacation the weekend of the 15th, but they keep changing Jacob's work schedule so I don't know what days we are actually going to get to go. We are going to Disneyland and California Adventure. I am SOOOO excited. We just need to get away as a family.
So I am going to go print some pictures so I can sit down and maybe get something done today. Even if I just start a page.
Our ladybug home.

The magazine rack? I bought at the thrift store and spray painted black. It was $3.00. I don't know exactly what it was, but I am using it for a magazine holder in the living room. It looks nice now with a few coats of glossy black spray paint.

Our wedding and my bridal shower thank you cards.

A picture I took in San Pedro.

(No it is not even close to the boat we bought). Ours is just a 20' boat that Jacob wants to use for fishing and taking out on the lake or to Big Bear and stuff like that.

Jacob working on writing his letters. We are first working on A, B and C.

My soon to be sister in law at her bridal shower. She is also pregnant and expecting their baby in mid August. They were going to get married on May 31st, but just yesterday moved it to the end of August. They just can't afford it at this moment.