Sunday, April 26, 2009

A few more wedding photos

Thought I would share a few more wedding photos real quick. I edited them last night. These are from the photographer, but I added the soft focus, the vingette and the black and white.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kitchen Redo

I totally did something on a whim today. I have had this idea to paint my kitchen cabinets black for some time, but was kind of afraid to just do it. So today I just jumped right in and started painting. I had enough to get one light first coat on all the cabinets. I have to say that I am already so happy with it. Here is a before and after photo.

Easter Photos

I did manage to get the kids dressed up on Easter and take them outside for some pictures.

I guess it is back to normal now.

Things are getting back to our old usual routine now. Jacob had to go back to work today and it is all getting back to what normal used to be. Not that there is any time to rest though. So much is up and coming I have a feeling this year is going to fly by. Jacob's brother is getting married at the end of May, and one of his sisters in September. Then his brothers (soon to be wife) is having a baby in August and sil Jamie and I are planning her purple and black baby shower. I am planning a little party for my mom for her birthday on May 9th. We are going on our vacation/honeymoon on May 15th, and I haven't done a bit of planning for that yet. We went to CHOLA yesterday for little Jacob's foot. We will be going back for a study they want to do on him to help them determine what they are going to be doing for the surgery. Then within the next 6 months he will be having the surgery done. It will then be 6 weeks in a cast up to his waist, and then another 4 weeks in a cast on his left leg. Then physical therapy. Marcus' 13th birthday party is this Saturday. Caleb's in June, and Ryan's in August. I turn 30 in July and Daddy Jacob's birthday is in September. Plus all the holidays in there as well. Man....what a year. I am tired just thinking about the rest of the year. The end of the year is going to be really alot with everything going on with little Jacob's surgery and then having to be in a cast. I really think I need to get on that Christmas shopping thing now.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Strep Throat

My poor hunny has strep throat. :( A pretty bad case too according to the dr. I got tons of pictures ordered today. Can't wait to scrap them.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mrs. Mantooth

This is the only picture I have so far. My sister in law took this one, and emailed it to me this morning. I love it. It turned out so beautiful. It was a wonderful day. I will share more later.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tomorrow (but really it is today)

I will be Mrs. Jacob Mantooth.
We decorated tonight. I ironed until 1am. I am tired, but can't sleep at the same time.
I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next time I post I will be an officially married woman.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today I finished up alot

of things that were still the little things that needed to be done. I sprayed the white flowers to light blue. I made 3 corsages, made myself a new bouquet, a boquet to throw, but a nice white bow on the knife and server, finished up the guest favors, finished up the card basket, and the flower girl basket, got most of the bubbles wrapped in blue wire and pearls, picked up my dress from Jacobs moms house, made a yummy lunch of soup and grilled cheese, gave the kids 2 showers today (man those kids just attract dirt), cleaned off the kitched table finally so we can eat there again, went to the grocery store, did laundry and dishes. Now I am going to go put music on the ipod for the wedding.
Tomorrow I am going with my mom to get our nails done, and a pedicure. I have only had one pedicure before and it was great. It is very relaxing. I am excited. OMG it is almost Thursday and our wedding is on Saturday. :) I sure hope the weather gets much nicer since today was so stinking cold. Please let us pray for nice weather.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I forgot to mention

Have you been to Michaels lately? I was there last night. I was supposed to be just getting some silver beads. However a stronger force pulled me into the paper lane. OMG. They had SEI, Basic Grey ( I love basic grey and bought alot of it), then there was WRMK (we are memory keepers, Heidi Grace. I bought alot of it. I was having a hard time buying it since I was paying full price at .79 cents a sheet and not getting my usual employee discount at the store, but I couldn't resist it. Oh well. I just can't wait to get a chance to sit down and play with all my stuff. Maybe on Easter I will be able to. We made no plans with anyone on Easter since we pretty much have had no real chance to even think about Easter. So I have no idea what we are going to do, but really I am thinking that just staying home just the 6 of sounds like the greatest idea ever.

Go check out Michaels though...really.

I got a tan today

Yes I did. A fake one though. LOL. My mom and I went to the tanning salon today. I went in for 3 minutes in the stand up tanning bed, and then went for light with a spray on tan. It is just enough that I don't look so pasty, and not too much that I am orange or look sudenly super tan. I didn't want anything dark, since I am just a fair complected person anyways. The spray on tan takes a few hours to really take a notice, and I do notice it and am very pleased with it. Just doing all the little things now to get ready for SATURDAY. OMG I am so excited it is just a few days away.
I talked to my very dear best friend today. She was going to surprise me and leave the kids home and come to the wedding, but because of some circumstances she is unable to come. I sent her an invitation thinking she wouldn't be able to come, but really wished she would just suprise me and show up. So when she told me this, I completely understand but truely wish she would have been able to make it. We haven't seen each other in about 3 years. I do understand though.
Then I talked to my grandma for about 25 minutes too. I talk to her here and there, but usually just a quick chat. It was nice talking to her. I called to see how her and Grandpa Jim are doing. They don't know if Jim (My grandmas husband) had a siesure or a stroke on Sunday. He has had a lot of tests done, and has to go back on Friday. He doesn't want to drive, incase another insident happens. He is 80 years old now, and they said that those types of issues are very common in people over 72. I hope they can at least find out what the issue is so we all know.
Well I am going to finish up some stuff that I need to get done now.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Last minute details

For having mostly everything together....there still sure is alot of last minute details that have to be taken care of. Plus Marcus has STAR testing this week at school and Ryan is on spring break. Jacob starts vacation on Wednesday. I am getting my nails done on Thursday. Jacobs mom is finishing up the sleeves on my dress......Putting the last minute touches on the arrangements, my bouquet, and everything else.
I am so itching to scrapbook, but at this moment in time I am just eating, breathing and sleeping wedding stuff.
I did finish painting my coffee table black though, and I got my desk/table at the Salvation Army on Friday for half off. I also got this huge white lamp that I love too. Pictures at another time.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Didn't get the call

for the design team. That is fine. I am ok with that. I think it would have been fun, but maybe next time.
Busy Busy Busy still.

Had to go to San Bernadino to get our marriage license today. We got lost on the way there, because the directions I got were wrong. OOPS. (Sorry hunny!)

Making myself a million lists (I am totally a list person) and checking things off as I get them done, or get them bought.

Only a week and 2 days. WOW. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off to bed.