Monday, March 15, 2010

New and Exciting things

I know I have totally slacked from this blog. BUT I have a good excuse. I have been working on some new and exciting things. I am starting a new buisness. I am finally going to take the plunge and get myself out there as a photographer. SO Nicole Mantooth Photography is now underway.
You can check me out HERE at . I have a new website with a photo blog and a calendar and a gallery is in the process. It has been so exciting. I have so many ideas, that I am going to start writing them all down so I don't forget some of them.
My husband had to fly out early this morning to Texas for work and I am so sad. So my goal is to keep my mind off of him being gone and focus on getting some (ok I have tons) of my half started projects done. I need to finish painting the babies room, take pictures of my latest scrapbook layouts, finish painting some picture frames black, vacuum out the car, buy Marcus his baseball pants and socks and belt, clean the house, take in the recycling cans....just to name a few.
So my 2 main goals for today are to take in the recycling cans (I have coupon for almost 2.00 a pound) and work on the painting in the kids room. Ok I have 3 then because I am going to make myself take pictures of my latest scrapbook pages and post them. Now lets see how much I actaully get done today. I am already running on fumes... I couldnt sleep last night because of the time change and then I had to get up at 230 this morning, however I overslept and didn't get up until 330. Then we drove to the airport and home again. So now I am feeling really tired. Thinking I need a quick nap before I get going for the day.