Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Recipe Tuesday and the Pumpkin Patch

So this is what we had for dinner last night. Yummy Yummy Stew.

Beef Stew.

3 pounds of steak cut into cubes
2 cans of carrots [drained]
2 cans of corn [drained]
2 cans of green beans [drained]
5-6 potatos chopped into cubes.
1 Lg can of crushed tomoatoes
House seasoning
{{House Seasoning: 1 cup salt 1/4 cup black pepper 1/4 cup garlic powder }}
3 pkgs of stew seasoning. (which ever brand you prefer)

Chop potatoes and bring to a boil. Drain.
Season the meat with the house seasoning . Coat with flour. Fry with a bit of oil. Combine all of the other ingredients into the crock pot. Follow the directions on the seasoning pkg as to how much water per package to use. Once the meat is done add the meat and potatoes. Simmer all day in the crockpot. Yum.

We went to the pumpkin patch last night and found a good pumpkin for the kids to carve. Ryan and Marcus did this one and the babies each had a tiny one.

Until next time.

Saw this on a blog. Thought it would be fun. So I stole it. :)

1. The best thing you cooked last week? Homemade chilli and cornbread. Yum with melted cheese on top.
2. If money, time and babysitting were no object, where would you go and with who? I would go with Jacob on a cruise....but I would want the kids to come too. A family vacation. Anywhere....Maybe Hawaii.
3. When was the last time you cried? Better question is when don't I cry. I am not one to hold back the tears that is for sure.
4. Five things you were doing this month 10 years ago. October 2007...wow I had just graduated from High School in June. We had just moved to Victorville. I believe in the month of October I had just gotten the job at Rancho Drugs. I was also attending VVC.
5. Five things on your to-do list today. Work, Grocerry Store, Vacuum, Scrapbook, Laundry, Clean up around the house.
6. Five favorite snacks. Anything really. I love ruffles with cottage cheese. Bad snacks would include m&ms.
7. Five Bad Habits. Cracking my knuckles, Not eating good, Leaving the cars on empty, not folding the laundry right away and it sitting in the basket for a few days, Yelling at people on the road.
8. Five favorite foods. Mexican, Italian, Chicken, Pizza, Jacobs steaks when he BBQs for me.
9. Five places I've travelled . Sacramento, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Oklahoma
10. Five Favorite Memories. The day both my children were born. Ryan and Marcus living with us full time. Jacob leaving me a bracelet in the fridge as a suprise. My dad. The late night trips Jacob and I would take to Jack in the box while I was pregnant with Baby Jacob.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Make Your Own Cake Stand

I read this on someones blog and it linked it to another. I thought it was pretty cool though. I think I might try this. Especially the ones made from the plastic stuff. Enjoy.


Randomisms of Me

Ok I read on another blog that she just posted random things about herself. So I thought that would be cool since I am starting this out.

1. I like to eat Mac and Cheese with Ketchup on it. (and since got my kids to like it too)
2. I am secretly addicted to General Hospital and have been watching it since I was in the 7th grade.
3. I watch Oprah.
4. I am ADDICTED to Greys Anatomy.
5. I nag the kids on a daily basis to clean their room.
6. I yell at people on the road, and now Baby Jacob gets into the car and says "Come on People".
7. I often do all the laundry but don't fold it right away, and thus it stacks up in the laundry basket and eventually fold it.
8. I love rain storms.
9. I dream of a scrapbook room that is extra large...but still love the area I have now.
10. Would love to own a scrapbook store.. :)

It is official...

Well it is official. I have created a blog. I started it becasue of the blog I am doing for the store (Scrapbook Boulevard). So we will see where this adventure takes us.
Until next time.