Monday, March 30, 2009

Crafty stuff and thrifty shopping

I thought I would share a few crafty things I have been working on in the mounds of wedding stuff.
So when we were at David's Bridal the other day I really liked two different head pieces. I liked the one with alot of rhinestones on it because it was sparkly. Then I really liked the one with the pearls too, because it just looked nice, but it wasn't as shiny and sparkly. Well we got this one instead. A LOT less in price too. So this is what it started out looking like.
Then I added my own pearls to it, and made it the best of both head pieces. It has the pearls that I really liked from the one, and all the rhinestones that make it sparkly too. I like how it turned out.

Then here is the guest book. It started out a creamy color with a creamy colored bow and ribbon on it. I glimmer misted it in Sapphire several times to get this deep color. Then I tied a white satin ribbon around and tied a bow. Then I added glimmer misted flowers and light blue rhinestones and the pearl swirls. I love how it turned out. I was originally going to put the letters to spell out GUESTS, but I don't think I am going to do that anymore. I don't want it to look too busy, and I think it will clutter it up.

I wanted to share these because I got them today. I have big plans for these guys and a few of their brothers that are still at Home Depot. I can't wait to get started on this project.

I have been reading around on the internet and tons of blogs lately and people have been talking about finding such great things at thrift stores. So today I went into one. I had just told my mom THIS morning that I wanted to find a little black lamp to put in the kids bathroom on the counter. Not as the main source of light, but just as an accent, and like could be used as a night light. So we are doing the kids' bathroom in grey and black. I walk in and look what I found for $4.00. SOLD. I am going to give it a coat of black glossy spray paint to freshen it up and it will look great when we are all done in the bathroom. I am so excited to get started on all the home decore projects I have in mind. I have so many things going right now, I have no idea why I do that to myself. After the wedding I can really focus on those things. I also found this table at the thrift store that I REALLY REALLY want. It was $60.00 though. I just can't swing that right now. The gave me a flyer for their sales, and Friday is half off day. So if the table is still there and eligible for the discount, I just might snatch that sucker up right then and there. I want to spray paint it black and I know exactly where I would put it in the living room.
I don't know what happened to me lately. I have been ready so much about people finding such great things at thrift stores and I am so hooked on going and finding great things too. They had a really nice looking bookcase too. I don't remember how much it was, but with a nice coat of white paint for our bedroom it would look great with some books and the scrapbooks on it. Man I think I really want that too. Darn it, what am I getting myself into? But it is so much fun. My family used to laugh at me because I change the color of my bedroom so often and I would just spray paint everything to match the new color. Hey one mans trash is anothers treasure. I don't mind buying things from garage sales and stuff. I think it is fun to find a treasure.
I just don't get a chance to go often. So I think I am going to make it a point to do it more often this spring and summer. Make a day out of it. I remember when we would do that as a kid. We would get the paper and start out first thing in the morning and drive from one garage sale to another. I am excited at the possibility of what great finds I am going to find. But for now I just really hope that the thirft store will have both pieces of furniture that I want.

GCD Studios

I just wanted to share this with you. Tomorrow is the official call day for GCD Design Team. I did try out. I wasn't going to, but in the end I decided to go ahead and try. I guess I would never even have the opportunity to even be on a design team if I never even try out. They got 471 entries. WOW. I couldn't even imagine having to go through that many entires and make that kind of decision. Well who knows. I won't be upset if I don't get a chance, I'll just maybe try again another time. Well go check out their blog for a few contests and fun stuff. I don't think I will make it, but if I do....that would be cool.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I love this photo

I have seen this kind of photo done before, but have never tried to take one. I so love how it turned out. It is so them. Marcus in his pajama pants, that he loves to lounge around the house in. Caleb who would love to run around naked all the time if he could. Ryan in his jeans and vans. Then little Jacob with no shoes and socks on. This is them in a nutshell. I am really thinking that I want to enlarge this one and hang in in my house somewhere.

Funny thing about this photo too is that Marcus and Ryan are holding Calebs hands because he was crying because he didn't want to go back inside. Here is the original before a little cropping action.

Today is filled with finishing up rolling the silverware in the napkins and finishing up the guest favors.

This week is going to be so busy too. Jacob is on graveyard until Monday night. Tuesday he is off. Wednesday we have to go get our marriage license in San Bernardino becuase that is the only place you can get it now. I think Friday is the only day I am going to have a chance to meet with the photographer at the place. The kids need hair cuts next weekend. I have to finish getting the clothes for Jacob and the kids. We need to get the carne asada. I need to finish up the flowers. (THANK YOU again Cheryl for having the glimmer mist I need). I need to get some more forks. We need to make the cds for the music. I need to finish wrapping navy blue wire and pearls around the bubbles. The following week I am getting my nails and toes done. I still need to figure out exactly how I am doing my hair.

Ok enough rambling. I need to get dinner started and finish rolling the silverware.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I am tired...

Man everyday I have been so busy doing so much wedding stuff. I am really just exhausted. Today I really didn't do much. I went to the grocery store and cleaned up around here a bit and did like 3 loads of laundry. I also started rolling the white silverware inside the navy blue napkins and tied a bow with white sheer ribbon around it. Started is the exact word. I got about 15 done tonight. I talked with the photographer again. We are going to meet this week at the place we are getting married so she can see it. She wants to go over poses and the setting outside so we are on the same page with what I want and what she does. I like that idea. There is a waterfall there on the golf course that I think would make nice pictures. I can't wait to get a nice big picture to hang at home. I know I am going to tell her that I definately want at least one picture of just the four boys as well. It isn't everyday that I get them all dressed up and looking snazzy. I can't wait. We have gone back and forth with the whole photographer thing. I originally was for sure going to have one, since I can't of course take my own wedding pictures. Well I called the girl that Lisa gave me the number to. Well she is really good, but a little out of our price range. So she recommended a friend of hers that is just starting out and could probably work with our price range. So she called and gave me her website info and she does really nice work. So I told her we will go with her. Now when we were going back and forth still deciding, my sister in law Jamie had said that she was going to take them. I just didn't want her to miss stuff because she is busy taking pictures. Plus if she is in some of the pictures how would that work. So I decided on going ahead with hiring a photographer. Plus we are getting a really good deal, and getting it for so cheap too, I couldn't pass it up. She is going to take the pictures for the 3 hours, then edit all of the photos that I like and put all of them on a cd (or two) for us, for a minimal cost. So I think that is a great deal. My mom said that for my brothers wedding they paid over $1200.00 and that was just to take the pictures. They then had to pay an extra cost to get actual pictures as well. Which it is fine with me to just get them on a cd, because then I can really go through them and pick which ones I want big and print them in small batches as we can afford them.
I can't believe it is just two weeks from today. OMG, it is going to be here in no time at all.
I got the table linens ordered on Friday. We are going with white table cloths and a navy blue overlay.
I have been so itching to scrapbook, but really I just have no time for that at the moment. Everyday is total wedding to do stuff.
Friday I also went to pick up my dress from Davids Bridal. Man did they tick me off. Our appointment wan at 11:00am to pick it up. We get there right at 11, and they tell us the dress isn't ready. WHAT??? I was so mad. I told them it is ridiculous because they have had the dress for 3 weeks, so what is the holdup. They didn't seem to have any answers, and we basically ended up waiting for about an hour for them to clean it and steem it. After that we took the dress to Jacob's moms house so that she can tighten up the cap sleeves.
Still trying to figure out all the last minute details that comes with all the wedding stuff.

Well I signed up for shutterfly the other day when we got our gift card from registering at Target. Well with shutterfly you can create a website. It is to share photos. So I started one. I thought it would be fun to start a website and put photos that I take on it, so here is the link if you wish to look. It is still new, and doesn't have tons of pictures, but none the less....
So I am really tired, so off to bed I go. Tomorrow I have alot to do again. I need to stop by the store and see if they have the glimmer mist that I need and get a few other things.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let me share

Here are a ton of pictures in no certain order.

Hailee at her birthday party on Saturday. I love this picture I got of her in her new shades.
This is how the finished banner turned out. I added some flowers, and rhinestones. I think it turned out nice. I over heard a few people talking about how much they liked it, and so did Jacob so that made me feel really good.

This is the hallway at the place we are getting married at. I could so see a picture of me and Jacob standing in this hallway.
I totally fell in love with this window in the bathroom at the place we are getting married at. I so want some kind of picture in front of this. I think a silhoutte of us would look so cool. I SO wish that I could take my own wedding photos. I called a photographer that was recommended to me by my wonderful friend Lisa, and she emailed me some prices and they are a little high. She said she would work with everyone, so I emailed her to tell her it was a little out of my price range, and I am so hoping that we can work something out.

This is the wedding reception room.

This strip of sidewalk is where I am going to be walking up. I SO HOPE it is not windy that day. The chairs are going to be lined up on each side of the runner.

Here is the room again from the other side.
Have been doing tons of running around. Hailee wanted to go with me the day that Jamie and I went shopping. So she went with us. What's one more child to all of mine anyways. lol.

My kitchen table looks like this right now and has for a few days. I call it wedding headquarters. I just keep adding to it, and moving it all around as I work with some of it.
Here was just some of the flowers I am making the centerpieces with.

Here are most of the centerpieces all together.

Here is the guest book table centerpiece. I made this one bigger than the ones that will go on the actual tables.

Today the kids were thrilled to get a chance to get ice cream from the ice cream man. Reminds me of long summer days out in the hot sun and chasing down the ice cream man each time he would come down to our end of the block. The good old days.

Now I am exhausted.
I feel like I have been non stop for the last few weeks...oh wait I really have been. I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet either. Still so much to do in the next two weeks. Man planning a wedding is enough to wear a girl out. lol. I am soooooooooooooooooooo excited. I can't wait to have a wonderful day and then all this hard work is going to pay off for sure.
Tomorrow I have to go put a deposit down for the table linens. I figured out the table arrangements. I almost finished the centerpieces. I need a few more gerbera daisies. I also need to get some more glimmer mist. I HOPE that the store has it. If we dont' have the color that I need I am going to have a meltdown. I am going to be calling up my dear sweet friend Cheryl and asking her if she has any extra bottles around that I can buy from her. HELP ME CHERYL. :) I honestly don't think the store has the two colors that I need, but I can hope can't I.
I found my sandals at Walmart. I am going to be adding my own rhinestones. Well it is getting late, so I will be off to bed now. Tons more to do again tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wedding crunch time.......

Yes it is now onlyl 2 1/2 weeks away. OMG. We are down to the nitty gritty now. Trying to get it all done and on time. Saturday we got Jacob's ring. Then it had to be resized, so we got it on Monday. However, I need to take it back to have it buffed, becasue it is scratched up still. I am going to raise a little stink about that since it is more scratched up after we paid for it.
We pick up my dress on Friday and then Jacob's mom has to tighten my cap sleeves.
Yesterday I went to Michaels to get the flowers for the centerpieces, and of course they didn't have the right color, so I had to get the same flower in just a different shade of blue. I still like the color so I think it will be just fine. But they didn't have white, but I found some white ones at Joanns.
I got the vases at the Dollar Store. Beautiful vases. I got clear, light blue and white and frosted beads to go in the bottom of the vases.

Going today to the Party Supply store to look at silverware, napkins, and toasting glasses.
Wow....just so much still.
Working on my guest book still too, and the party favors.
We also went on Monday to look at the place again. Trying to figure out where to put the tables, and the food, and how to set up the chairs outside for the ceremony part.
Ok off to get into the shower. I have another appointment with Marcus' facilitator at school today and then meeting my mom at the Party Supply Store.
So much to do and such little amount of time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ok so when my mom came over today to drop off the corned beef she brought her camera so that I could download my dress pictures onto my computer. So here is a quick little glimpse at THE DRESS.
Well I sure wish I had lost weight before this, but hey I guess it is just me.

Here is the train detail of the dress.

Here is the detail on the back.

Here is my (uck) self in the dress.
My moms pictures were a little dark (not the greatest ith it and so it is poufier now. I am going back to get the rhinestone sandals too. I am going with a short vale since there is a lot of detail to the back of my dress. I know it is really hard to tell but the flowers on the dress are a light blue, which match the invitations perfectly.


Yesterday was such a beautiful day, and day was as well. We really didn't do much of anything yesterday, but the kids really wanted to play outside yesterday afternoon. So I thought I would share some pictures of them.
Here is Ryan jumping in the street on his skateboard.

This picture totally cracks me up. Caleb loves to point and here he was doing a double handed point. LOL. This kid cracks me up.

Since we were outside I decided to do little Jacob's 4th birthday photo shoot. I do it each year on each of the kids birthdays. I took tons, and I really liked this one. It isn't edited or anything yet, but I know for sure one is going big on our wall.

They were just having a grand old time on Ryan's skateboard. Notice Jacob has on no socks. Well he got himself dressed yesterday morning and he wanted to wear no socks and would not let me put socks on him. Funny thing too is that he put on Caleb's jeans too.

I made chilli and cornbread for dinner and then I made this chocolate cake and colored (lemon...cause that is all I had) icing to make it match for St. Patricks Day.

My mom made way too much corned beef and she brought it over to us today, so that is what we are having tonight for dinner.
Today I haven't felt all that great, I REALLY hope that I am not getting sick. BLEH!
Happy Belated St. Patricks Day.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Layouts and a name banner

So I am back to share some layouts now.

I have had this paper for some time now and have just been waiting for these pictures. I printed them out once, and then something happened and they all got stuck together. I finally got around to printing them out again the other day.
Jacob and Caleb love to play with their mega blocks, and this paper was just perfect for the pictures.

I have to admit that I scraplifted this layout from HERE. I really liked the layout and the green idea. The layout I saw was specific for St. Patricks Day, and the people were wearing green in the photos. So I printed mine all in black and white, so that the green would match. I titled it "I'm a lucky girl" and the journaling will talk about what a lucky girl I am to have all these great guys in my life.

The next 4 layouts are all called "All About You". I just asked each of the kids the same questions and had them write their answers.
This is Ryan's.

This is Marcus'.

This is Jacob's.

This is Caleb's.

I am making my neice a name banner for her birthday. Her party is this Saturday. I am not finished with it yet, but I hung it on an empty wall in our bedroom so that I could look at it hung up first. I usually do that with something I am working on. If I don't know what else I exactly want to add on a layout or project I usually just set it aside where I can see it and keep looking at it for a few days, and then it just comes together on its own as I get ideas each day.

I tried to get up close to show the glitter on everything, but I don't think it showed up that great in the picture.

In the end I am going to spray silver glitter over the entire thing as well.

It has been almost a week...

since my last post. WOW. I have been wanting to post, but really just haven't had a chance to get it done. Everytime I sit down to actually do it, I find myself reading some of the blogs I visit often, or just wanting to scrapbook, or hear the laundry that needs to be folded calling my name, or same with the dishes, or a child needs me. This is just a small list of things we have been up to lately.
We have also had a few doctors appointments for the babies for shots and to check on both of their ear infections. Then we had to get more x-rays on little Jacob's foot so that the insurance would approve his referral to go back to the specialist at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Finally I feel like we are on track to getting his poor foot taken care of. Really we never wanted to have to wait this long, but things were always happening, and the doctors wanted to wait and let him try wearing the foot brace and such. Well now the foot brace is getting a bit too small, and I can feel his bones in his foot. I cannot wait to get his foot straightened out so he can play sports like he wants to. It puts me in pain to see his foot too, but he never complains that it hurts. Every now and then he says that his feet hurt and it is hard to walk, but that is it.

Everyday I am amazed at this little guy. He has his moments, but for all that he has gone through he really is amazing to me. There are times when I wish that I could take away all the pain he has been through. He is such a strong little guy and comes through it all like a champ. Just this last time he was in the hospital he never once complained about anything and only got upset when they would come in a poke him. He has such a disposition about him, and is a pretty happy little man. I really think that God has a big plan for him. I think because of all that he has been through health wise he will do great things for children one day too, like be a doctor or something.
So plus all of this we have been getting ready for the wedding stuff. I finally registered at Target on Friday. That was alot of fun. I have been wanting to change the living room and kitchen a little and this is a good chance to get started. In the living room I want to take out the red and go more with just a black and tan/brown look. In the kitchen I have the walls painted this same brownish color and have grapes in there. I am a little tired of the grapes now, I think we have had grapes in the kitchen for like 6 years now. So I am over it. I want to go with the black and tanish color in there as well. Our kitchen is all open with the living room so I think it would look good to have it all the same. I was thinking if it was just black and tanish/brown then I could just accent with any color that I wanted, whenever I wanted. Like for Easter do pinks and yellows and greens and orange for Halloween and stuff like that. Right now I don't do that becuase it doesn't look good with the set colors that I have in there. So I am going to be working on that too. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want this clock that I registered from at Target. It is $100.00, but I really want it. I want to hang it over the fireplace. THIS is the clock I want and here is a picture of it.....

So if we dont' get it as a wedding gift, I will be saving up to get this one for sure. So I want to put up different curtains, and a different rug. In our living room there is no longer the fish tank, and I moved the black chair to a different wall. We would love to eventually get a new tv (a flat tv that doesn't take up so much room) and put it on the bigger wall it is diagonal with and get a big entertainment center and stuff. But just one step at a time.

In the kitchen I would really like to paint the cabinets too. Right now they are a light oak color and they show all the dirt you can imagine. So I would love to paint them black, but I am kind of affraid to go that bold and dark. Our house doesn't have tons of windows so it seems to be on the dark side, and I am a bit affraid it will make it too dark. Also since this isn't our house I don't know if the owners would mind. They have let us do really whatever we wanted so far, so maybe. So then I was thinking maybe just staining them a dark wood color, but staining is alot of work too. So I just don't know yet.

I am going to be painting the coffee table black as well. I was just waiting for it to warm up a bit so I can do it outside in stead of in the garage.

(don't pay any attention to the half painted wall behind the bookcase in this picture. lol)

Also in the living room now the light oak cabinet is now painted black and that fish tank isn't there. I also have a picture haning next to the cabinet and there is a table and black chair next to is as well.

So those are some plans I have for that half of the house. I am finishing up painting the kids bathroom. We are painting it grey, and have a metal shelf over the toilet and are accenting it with black. I am going to get a black shower curtain liner, and then a clear shower curtain and black and grey towels for in there. Black rugs too.

Then in their room we finally figured out what color we are going to do it. After all these years of them just not knowing, I finally figured it out. Since they share a room and Ryan's favorite color is black and Marcus' is green we are going to do it black and green. I want a nice shade of green to paint the walls and then we can get black comforters for their beds and it will look great. I am thinking I really want to paint their bunk bed black as well. I will see. I think a big black rug on their floor would look good too with some black curtains.

I finally got around to start finishing up painting our bathroom. Ok I started painting it OVER A YEAR AGO. Holy moly. Well I let it sit for a long time because I just wasn't sure if I liked the blue I had painted. I really didn't, but just never painted over it. So I started painting it again the other day. I of course ran out of brown paint and have to get more. I already am liking it so much better. I think I will go to Walmart on Friday and get some more paint so I can just finish it up.

So that got me to thinking about painting our bedroom. Now this is going to be a big task becuase the celings in our room are vaulted. It will be alot of work, but worth it in the end I think. Our room and bathroom are dark brown and light blue, and the bathroom is painted a dark brown I was thinking of just going with a tanish color for our room. Our bedroom set is a lighter oak. So I was thinking just a tanish light brown color for our walls, so the dark colors stand out more. I think this room I will save for last to paint.

In the babies room I kept the walls white and painted red, dark blue and light blue stars all around the top of the walls. Well I am getting a little tired of that as well, so I was thinking of just painting the walls a dark blue color. I have red white and blue stars in there, and was actually thinking of going with a different theme as well. I don't want to go with an actual "theme" like sponge bob or something, but like sports or things like that. I found these really cool sports ball metal things for the wall at Target too. But I don't know.

I have ideas for the backyard too, but that is another long list.

I think this is my year to really focus on the house and stuff. I would love to move into a bigger house, but I am happy here knowing that we can definately afford it, becuase just who knows what is going to happen this year with the ever changing economy.

So I think I am done being long winded today and will come back later with a fun scrappy post. I am going to flip our mattress (with the help from Marcus) and remake our bed with nice clean sheet and blankets and then clean up around the house a bit and make us some spagetti for lunch and then take a few things outside to photograph and then come back and post them.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sounds of Home

Wanted to share this layout I did the other day. It is called "Sounds of Home". I was reading Rebecca Coopers Blog and she had a similar layout and it made me think of the sounds that make up our house. With 4 boys and 2 dogs, there is rarely a quiet moment in our house. Then a few days after I saw her layout, it was completley quiet at our house. Jacob was at work, and the kids were at school, Caleb was asleep and Little Jacob was on his birthday lunch date with my mom. There was no tv on, and no dogs barking. No radio on, or diswasher going, or washing machine. It was so strange for it to be that quiet. So that is when I really decided to do a layout like this of my own.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Boys don't wear makeup!!!

This is my little buger butt. Yesterday I was working on a few things and I had my ink drawer out on my bed. I had ran into the kitchen for a quick second for something and when I came back into my room this is what was happening. Yes Mr. Caleb decided that he wanted to wear all the inks. He was applying the ink sponges just like mommy does her makeup. It really was funny. I wasn't too upset about the ink because it was pastel colors that I never used because they were always too light, so I have had them forever without really any use. So I didn't get too upset. I first thought to grab my camera so I can do a layout called "Boys don't wear makeup!". LOL
He sure is having a grand time with it though. Needless to say we got into the shower right after this. I think the shower door might still have his little peach colored handprint on it. LOL

This is the little home decor thing I made for my SIL Jamie for her birthday yesterday. Her living room is done in brown and blue, so I went with those colors so she could hang it in there if she wanted. She said she really liked it.

This is the birthday card I made her as well. I think I was having a butterfly thing for her because there is a butterfly on the card and the wall hanging as well. Maybe it is from the lack of butterflies I usually get to use. Well I hope she really liked the stuff I made her.
I had plans for Target and a quick stop at the grocerry store today, but haven't made it to either. Heck, I am still in my pajamas and just getting ready to get into the shower. :) Just needed one of those days to chill and not have a million things to do. Still have so much wedding stuff to get and go do, so the next month is going to be so busy that I am glad I got in a good relax day in before it all gets hectic.
On another note I am so excited about my dress. :) My SIL Jamie wants to do the food now. (Thank you so much). We have been finding all the places we liked and wanted to cater, were ALOT of money. So she is going to make enchiladas, and beans and rice and we will do carne asada (or something) with tortillas, chips and salsa and a big salad. Easy peasy stuff that won't cost alot or be hard to make. My other SIL Michelle has an idea she wants to try for my hair, so we are going to do a test run sometime this week. She is going to color my hair probably this week too. A few years ago she added blonde highlights to my hair and I really liked it, so she is going to do that again for me.
Did I mention I AM SO EXCITED. It is all coming together nicely and it will be here before we know it.
Off to the shower before we have to pick Ryan up from school.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Found the dress

Yes we found my wedding dress yesterday. The first store we went to and the 5th dress I put on. My mom is going to email me some photos of it today, so I will post. Going to dinner in a few at MIL for my SIL birthday. I am happy to say that SIL Jamie is the one that found my dress and on the $99.00 rack at that. It completely matches my invitations and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I am so excited.
I'll be back tomorrow to share some scrappy goodness.

Friday, March 6, 2009

LIfe is busy

Life is so busy right now. Since there was another layoff at Jacobs work, the main equipment if down, so he has only been having to work 2 days a week (Fridays and Saturdays) so it has been really nice having him home so much during the weeks. So I don't get on the computer that much and we have been really busy. One of the big things that has kept us really busy is that we have been switching the kids' school. They go to Hook Junior High right now and it is just a bad school. Ryan has been trying really hard not to get into trouble and they are just picking on him (the school). They took away his pants! During school hours and made him wear his PE shorts. They said his pants were too baggy. UM HELLO he is going through the fazed of he likes them a little tighter and I have seen kids wearing them almost to their knees and able to fit 3 other kids in them and I still see them walking around with his pants on. Then he has to run to 6th period so he isn't late and he gets a referral for running, which again causes him to be late to 6th period and then he gets another referral for being late to 6th period. Which this causes him to get detention. In 7th period he is not getting a great grade (it is computer class), because the last 10 minutes of the class is only when you are allowed to print you work. For detention they pull him out of class 10 to 15 minutes early so they can walk all the detention people to the cafeteria at the same time. So this causes him to not be able to print his work, thus giving him a bad grade for his computer class and is getting in trouble for. So you tell me how does this seem like the school is out for his education? They have had the drug sniffing dogs there several times, and a fight at least once a day, but usually more. So we just didn't know what to do exactly. Well we have been looking into options and we finally found a good one. We are now sending the kids to Excelsior . This is a great school. I love the way the program is run as well. The kids can choose to do full time at the school, part time at the school and part time at home, or full time at home. WOW. So it is like a home school or actual school base thing. Marcus is fully enrolled now and until he gets a facilitator he is having to do his work at home. Becuase Ryan has gotten into a little bit of trouble at Hook, we have to go infront of the school board and stuff to get Ryan in. So we are working on that process right now with the Dean of the school. So Ryan has to continue to go to Hook until then.
Excelsior is a nice campus. They have junior high on the lower part and High School on the upper campus. The parents have to meet with the facilitator assigned to your student once a month. The facilitators are teachers and you turn in your work to them each week. They offer great field trips. They went whale watching, the museum of tolerance, magic mountain and knotts berry farm. Most of them are free to the students or cost very little. The school has the same things a traditional school does, like dances, prom, sports teams, yearbook, leadership. So I am so excited that we found this school and our kids can go in this wonderful enviornment. I hope the process for Ryan goes quickly, but it takes about a month or so.

So that has been a process in itself. We looked at the school one day, had to meet with admissions the next, and then the dean the next day. I had to get a bunch of stuff from Hook to get them transferred.

So then we have been getting wedding stuff together as well. It is coming up so soon. We are going wedding dress shopping tomorrow. Me and my mom are going, and then Jacob's sister Jamie and Jacob's mom are all going. I am excited and hope that we find just what I am looking for. Since we are not going total dress up (Jacob isn't going to wear a tux, but black slaks and a white dress shirt and a tie), so I want a dress that isn't too fancy, but not as casual as like say a sun dress either. So hopefully.

Well I have gotten some layouts done and will photograph them today and post them either later, or tomorrow.