Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lots of stuff.

I finally got the kids together and took the annual Christmas photo. Took lots but someone was always blinking or looking away or something. My first favorite has the reflection of the flash in the mirror and it is pretty bright. This is another fav though. This is them all natural goofy smiles and all.

I have great intentions for this table. I got it for free. One leg is off. However, I plan to put the leg back on, sand it down, and paint the bottom portion black and then stain the top a dark wood color. Now I say these are my intentions because I always start projects and dont' always finish them. But I really want to do this one. I may go all black on it, or all wood, haven't for sure decided yet. Nice table though. Then I plan to move the coffee table we have now into my scrap closet. Will have to put taller legs back on it first. But should be no problem on that end.

This is the email I got a short time ago. I sent in my fax and now I am desperately waiting for my goodies to come in the mail. The prize is for $200.00 in scrapbook goodies. OH MY GOSH. I am so excited. I cannot hardly wait. I cannot wait to share what I exactly get.
Dear Nicole,
Congratulations! You’re a winner in Simple Scrapbooks’ “Fake Ad” Sweepstakes featured in the Sep/Oct issue of Simple Scrapbooks magazine. We apologize for the delay in notifying you, as we experienced a technical problem with our network.

In order to ship your prizes, please fill out the attached Affidavit, and fax it back within ten (10) days to 801-816-8302, Attn: Carolyn Jolley. Please make sure that you list your street address, as we will ship your prize to this address, and cannot ship to a P.O. Box.

Carolyn Jolley
Editorial Assistant
Simple Scrapbooks magazine

I created this recently. I was inspired by something I saw in one of the magazines. I think it was CK January 08 issue.

Marcus made honor roll last week. He was so excited.

Here are our Christmas cards that I still have not finished mailing out. I need to get more stamps.

Well we had a good Christmas. Jacob unfortunately had to work, so we got up really early (us at 445 and the kids at 5am). We took Jacob to work and then we went to my moms for a while. We had a nice ham and scalloped potatoes for lunch. Opened presents and realaxed. We went straight to pick up Jacob. We dropped that load off at home and went to his moms for a bit. Ate a bit more over there and opened gifts. Then we came home and relaxed. Well ok we had to start finding a home for all of our new toys and stuff.
Off to meet Michelle at the mall to spend my $40.00 Victoria Secret Gift Card and pick up the boys. We are really going so the kids can spend (Ryan, Marcus, Brandon and Savannah) can spend their $75.00 in Pac Sun gift cards)
Happy Creating.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Christmas Present.

I couldn't go on without posting a picture of my Christmas present from Jacob. A puppy. I have always wanted to get a puppy as a gift and I finally did. She is so darn cute. I have yet to name her, I am trying to get a feel of her personality first. I love her so much.

Can you tell that there is someone else who loves her too? Actually all the kids do. I will have to take a picture of her entire body to show how fluffy she really is.

Almost a month???

Wow it has been almost a month since I last blogged. Time sure flies. I keep telling myself I need to get on here, and then another week is gone by. I have been so busy trying to get ready for Christmas. I am still not done shopping. Just a few little things left and then I am done.

A few years ago I had decided that I wanted to collect everything gingerbread men for our Christmas decorations, however it was so hard to find. So I just pretty much gave up. I never really thought about collecting anything else. But this year when I was looking around at our decorations, I realized I have alot of santas. So I guess I have always been collecting santas, because I am always drawn to them. Here are some of them.

I finally got the kids together to do their Christmas pictures. I knew they all had brown shirts so that is what we went with. Always have to take a million to get a good one.

That is all I have time for today. I have so many other things I want to post too. I have some cute ornaments that I made, and a wall hanging that I was inspired to make. Maybe later today I will find some more time.