Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Starbucks Coffee Book and a Layout

Made this mini book as a gift for my brother for his birthday (Yes I know it is late). Considering doing it as a class for work. I think it is so cute. I think he will really like it.

Love this new layout of my neice. I love pink. Since I don't get to use pink often I really enjoy when I do use it.

Made this for the kids teacher for Valentines day. Was thinking I would do it for the entire class if they have a party, but I don't think they are going to have one.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Well Wednesday was our trip down to LA to see Dr. Kay at Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles. The doctor said his foot is doing good. Just keep wearing the foot brace and then in a few years they will need to do surgery. However now they are saying he needs to have surgery on his right hip. (His left foot is his bad foot). The long bone in the thigh (tibia or fiblia or whatever) doesn't fit exactly correctly into the hip joint. So they gave us a brace for him to wear at night while he is sleeping and will hold the bone into place. Well the doctor called me last night and said that he presented our childs case to all the other doctors and they said to have him wear the brace for 6 months and then come back for xrays and then they will have to do surgery. If we want to do the surgery sooner then we can opt for that as well. I am glad that they are so on top of things, I just feel so bad for him. Like if it isn't one thing then it is another. My poor baby has been through so many illnesses and surgeries...does it ever stop for him? However at the time they do the surgery for his hip then they can shave a little bit off of the bone at the same time and that will make the legs the same length. (The bad foot leg is a bit shorter than the other leg too). So we have to go back in 6 months and we will go from there. He hasn't been feeling completely great the last few nights so he has been sleeping with us, so we haven't made him wear the brace yet. He has to sleep on his stomach or back for it, and he is a complete side sleeper. My poor little guy. Yet through all of this he is such a good little trooper. He is such a good guy. Well we will see how it goes with the brace and the next 6 months. I am glad that they can get all of this done before he starts school as kids these days are so mean and I don't want him to get teased.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Baby it's cold outside.

It is rather cold outside today. Jacob is so sick and I think Baby Jacob is getting sick again too. Not fun. My poor guys. We had soup and grilled cheese for dinner last night. Yum. Great thing for a cold day. I got this campbells select or something... Mexican Chicken Tortilla soup. OMG. So good. I am not a huge soup person but I really like Chinese Hot and Sour soup and Mexican Chicken Tortilla. This soup was so darn good. I am going to stock up on some before they go off sale at Stater Brothers.
Off on Wednesday to LA to Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles to see the doctor for a follow up visit with the orthopedic doc. Baby Jacob has had his foot brace since September and they want us to come and see how it is changing his foot. I cannot believe how much it is changed just in that short time. So we will see what they have to say Wednesday. I love making progress, but I hate going down there. It is such a long drive in horrible traffic and it is an all day thing. I am glad Jacob got to take the day off though and is going to be able to go with me. He goes most of the time, but sometimes just can't get the time off work.
I want to get some loose end projects done here so I can start on some new ones. I have a few things I want to do, but don't want a million started and not finished things around. If that is the case I tend to get nothing done. :)
We are having pork strips for dinner, and they have been marinating since yesterday morning. We were going to have them yesterday but went with the soup instead. I am marinating them in Lawrys Steak and Chop marinade. YUMMO. Salad and angel hair parmesean noodles. Making me hungry now.
Until next time
~Happy Creating~

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mexican Chicken

I recently found this recipe and I love it.

Mexican Chicken

Chicken Breasts (approx.4) I however used a whole chicken and shredded it up
2 cans cream of chicken soup
2 cans of Rotell tomatoes. I used mild
Shredded Cheese, Mexican blend
Doritos (plain or nacho cheese or spicy nacho cheese, which ever you prefer)

Cook chicken and shred.
Mix soup and tomatoes together. Pour over chicken in a cassarole dish.
Sprinkle with cheese.
Crunch up doritos and sprinkle over the top.
Cover with foil.
Bake at 350* for about 40 minutes or until heated through.
You can sprinkle more cheese over the top right when you take it out and let melt.


Great with a small dolup of sour cream on top.

I know I am going to make this for dinner again one night this week.

My Simple Scrapbook winnings

This is the loot I won from my simple scrapbooks contest. I was so excited when the Fed Ex lady handed me the box. It is all Bo Bunny stuff. I LOVE IT ALL....
It included

* 4 flower packs
* 8 ribbon packs
* 7 premade page packs
* 4 sets of cool clips
* 2 packs of fancy brads
* 2 packs of pencils
* 3 blank board books
* 1 bare naked chipboard set
* 1 large rubons
* 9 smaller rub on sets
* 1 Bo Bunny Apron tool kit
* 1 6x6 bare naked binder
* 1 9x9 bare naked binder
* 24 patterned cardstock sheet (6 coordinating sheet in 6 sets)
* 6 punch out die cuts to match patterend carstock
* 36 sheets of patterned paper (6 coordinating sheets in 6 sets)
*18 sheets of sticker (3 of each 6 sets that match the pp)

I cannot wait to get started using up all of these yummy goodies.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Computer issues

We have been having computer issues lately, but are now fixed. I have alot to post, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. I am tired tonight.

Friday, January 11, 2008

7 months old, and February book

I cannot even believe that my baby turned 7 months old last Friday. WOW. I love this picture I took of him on Friday. Each month I take a picture of him on his month birthday. This is my favorite from that one.

This is my favorite picture of the puppy who is officially now named Ginger.

Yes count them, I got 18 photos on this double layout. So proud of myself. I am not completely done yet, but this is the photo placement.

I am not a huge card maker, which is really strange. I love making cards, but for some reason I just don't make them very often. Here is one I just made the other day. I love how it turned out. I used watercolor paper and then watercolor pencils to color them all in.
I have about 25 of these from when I worked at Sears Photo last Christmas season. Thought what in the world am I going to do with all of these, then I made this. Thinking it could be a class at the store??? Maybe we will have to see.

Here is the February book I made. It is sort ofgoing to be a February journal like thing. I have a page for each day of the month and I want to write at least something each day. I can include photos, or stuff from that day, or whatever. We will have to see how well I keep up on it.

Happy Creating.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2008...Happy New Year ! Can you even believe that it is already 2008? I swear it was just 2000, and they thought all computers and electronics would not work at the stroke of midnight that year. Wow, we have come along way since then. Can you think of all the things in your life that have changed since the year 2000? I saw something one time and it had all these questions including things like what were you doing 10 years ago this month, and 5 years ago this month and a year ago this month. Wouldn’t that be a fun scrapbook layout?
I have a few things to do today, but nothing major.
I don't really have "resolutions" per say, but goals more like I guess. Things I want to accomplish and get done this year I guess. Things I want to start doing more of.
I want to make more things ahead of time, like dinners and put them in the freezer for later nights. This is one of goals at least. I want to get "caught up' close to date on my scrapbooking. I have a few projects around the house I want to do.
I am glad that 2007 is over, and am looking forward to a new start on a year. I am anticipating alot of change is going to happen in 2008. Jacob may be getting laid off, but we don't know anything for sure yet, so we will see. I hope this is a good year and only time will tell.

Have a great day.