Friday, February 29, 2008

I submitted it...

So I did in fact sumit to Kits2Remember design Krew call. Wish me luck. I think it would be so cool, but ok if I don't too.

Here is what I sumbitted...

Here are just a few from Jacob's 3 year old book. I will post more on this later, it is late and I am tired and I have to work in the morning.

Same with this book. This is my beach book. I love this book.

I will post all of both of these books later. For now I want to at least crack the spine of my new book tonight...

I love the way Stacy Julian organizes all of her stuff. I loved her first book so I am excited to read this one as well. I will let you know what I think of it.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Design Team

I am thinking about trying out for a design team spot and I am excited and nervous all at the same time. Deadline is Saturday. Wish me luck if I decide to go for it.
Should I?? Shouldn't I??I just don't know....... I will let you know.

Haven't blogged in a few days.

Been busy. Well that and Jacob is on graveyard. I hate when he is on graveyard. It sucks.

Have you seen that the writers strike is over and most of the shows will be coming back. I know my show grey's anatomy is coming back (I think this Thursday).
I don't watch tons of tv, mostly listen to it more than anything. But there are a few shows that I MUST watch. Grey's Anatomy, General Hospital, October Road, Brothers and Sisters. Those are my shows. Glad they are coming back soon. I have watched General Hospital since I was in the 7th I usually watch American Idol too, but often miss it for bath times or something. Have been watching it faithfully this season though. There are some good ones, but not tons that I really like this year. We will see if my people win or not.

Been doing tons of layouts for the store lately. Actually tons of them. I volunteered to help Priscilla do some for something we are doing in the store and it has been fun. They are all cardstock layouts, no pp. Let me tell you, I am enjoying it and hating all at the same time. I love pp, and sometimes I just stare at the cardstock and think it is plain. I did one with tan and orange and I used orange stickles and I have to say it is one of my favorites at the current moment. I am enjoying it though. I will photograph some of them tomorrow and post them.

Off to bed with my little guy who is so ready for bed.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Anyone see the elclipse last night? We did. We thought with the clouds we wouldn't be able to see it, but we could see it just perfect from our backyard. I am so excited that I got these pictures. I don't have a tripod, so they usually turn out so blurry...until I set it on some books and toys and chairs from the backyard. I set the timer so I wasn't moving the camera when I hit the shutter button. Got some great shots. Here is the progression of it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

3 years old

I cannot even believe that Jacob turned 3 years old yesterday. I ask where does the time go????
We went to John's Incredible Pizza with my mom and step dad yesterday. The kids had a blast. We all played games and we had 660 tickets. WOW. I love ski ball. That has been my favorite since I was a kid.
We had dinner at home and then I made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing for us. Was good.
Took a mini birthday photo shoot of him yesterday morning. They turned out so cute. Don't have time to post them right now, but will tomorrow.
Happy Birthday my big boy!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Today we went to the mall

Michelle called and was going to take the boys to the mall, and then it all worked out that we all went. It was a lot of fun. Nice to get out and just walk around. I don't ever hardly go to the mall unless I am going for a specific thing. So it was fun to just walk around. I did get Jacob some new shoes. They are so cute. They are DC and little. They are black and white. Michelle bought me a purse from the Vans store. Then we had dinner there. We all had Hot Dog on a stick. (Well we had the cheese on a stick actually) and cherry lemonade. YUM. They kids had fun after that throwing change into the fountain. Was a fun way to spend the day with the kids off school.

Jacob's new shoes.

The boys

Savannah and the boys.

Did this layout yesterday. Love how it turned out. I love any color with brown lately. This is Caleb's 8 month old layout.

Got one of the plain white mailboxes from Target some time ago and didn't know what I was going to do with it. I think I am going to make it for my neice Hailee. Her room is in Disney Princess' but I think I am going to go with the brown and pink thing with butterflies. I think it will turn out cute. This is what I have done so far.

Off to work on that now (well after the kids baths and jammies are on).

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Painting our bathroom

Ok I just spent over an hour on the phone 5 different times, with 6 different people because our internet wasn't working. Every single person that I talked to told me something different. Then the third said it was an outage in our area, and then the last man figured it out. One lady was convinced that we have to have a maintance man come to check our lines. Whatever. I love that every single person was sure that it was such and such problem and yet it never got fixed. Well just glad it is working now.

I have been wanting to paint our bedroom and bathroom since I painted the living room, hallway and kitchen. So since we finally got a new comforter in our room, I have been wanting something blue and brown. Well I bought new towels and stuff for our bathroom so I bought paint on Saturday. Well the towels are a bit more tealish than the blue in our comforter. That was fine with me. Then I bought the paint which is a bit darker than the towels. I wasn't sure I was going to like it though. So I painted some on the walls and have let it sit to see if I like it. I am thinking that I do possibly like it. I was at first thinking I wouldn't like it beacuse I will not like it in our room on the walls. However I think that I will keep it because you will not see the walls next to each other and I like it in the bathroom. In reality it will probably some time before I even ever attempt to paint our room anyways. The ceilings are vaulted so I just know it is a big task all in itself. Oh well.
The picture does not do the pillow justice. The browns match perfect, and the blue is a bit different.
I will just take the plunge tomorrow I think and paint the rest of the bathroom.

Here is the towel next to the pillow from our bed.

Here is the bathroom wall next to the pillow. The picture just does not do the pillow any justice. I think I need daylight photos. I will try tomorrow maybe.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The same truck, My Babies, and a stack of layouts

So I think it is just funny to say that we currently own two identical vehicles. Yes we DID get a new car, and yes it is the same as the one we were replacing. We got another 2000 Ford Expedition (and it is white again too). So much the same that even the cup holder in the back seat doesn't close all the way. The only difference is the new one is 4 wheel drive. Which this is good for going to the snow and stuff. So of course I had to take a picture of them together. (The scrapbooker in me of course). The old one is missing the front bumper from our first accident when we were hit head on.

I cannot even believe that my baby turned 8 months old on Monday. WOW. Where in the world does the time go??

What is even more unbelievable to me than that is my Big Boy is turning 3 next Saturday. 3... WOW!!!! Now this is crazy to even imagine. He is such a big boy too. Just the other day we had this adorable conversation.

Me to Jacob : "Thank you my baby".
Jacob to me: " I am not a baby!"
Me to Jacob: "Then what are you?"
Jacob to me: "I am a BIG BOY Mama!"

:) Made me smile for sure.

Then the other day he had a dollar in his hand and said, oh thanks for the cash mom, I was needing some cash.

My sil came over the other day and I brought out all of the layouts that I have done, but are just not in my albums yet (I keep changing how I want to organize my albums). I saw this stack on the table after she left and I just thought think of the memories in these pages (and the money and time and amount of paper sitting there).

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I have been fighting this horrible cold/flu thing. Sucks for sure. Kind of going back and forth between feeling ok and not ok. Hope I am on the down side now and back to feeling better.
I really hope because I have a lot to do tomorrow. We are even going to look at a new car since we finally got the insurance check from my accident in the expedition. We are going to look at an identical expedition. So hopefully. I said that it is so funny if we end up getting it because it is exactly what we are replacing. Like Dejavu. Same color and all. So we will see what tomorrow brings.