Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Birthday Layout

Man for some reason when I cropped this photo it made it look yuck. Don't know why that happened.
Wanted to share another layout. This one is from Caleb's 2nd birthday party. I wanted to hurry up and get this one done so that I could get his hand print that I kept forgetting to do.
A pretty simple layout, but I still like it. The little tag on the bottom left was so easy to make. I just printed several rows of Happy Birthday in grey and then one row of it in red. Then I used a die cut shape that I had to cut around it and instant custom die cut. :) I should have taken a close up picture of it...maybe I still will.
Working on a bunch of stuff still and have plans for a few projects that I am really excited about. Can't wait to get on those and share.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

His and Hers Layout

I found this paper at the store the last time I went and I loved it. I saw it and instantly had a page idea in my head. This was almost exactly what I had imagined. I love black and red together and seem to use that combination alot as well. I didn't know exactly what photos I was going to use for it until I got started on the layout. I used photos from our wedding since those were the most recent photos of us together.

On the right side of the layout I printed out different things about me and Jacob. Things like the cars we drive right now to our favorite kinds of movies to things we like to do in our spare time. I really like how it turned out. The little restroom people are cut from the silhouette. I do have to add that when I went back to Jaonns to get some other papers I knew that I needed a redish cardstock. Well I didn't have the patterened paper with me, so I had to guess and the one that I picked out ended up being the exact shade of red that I needed. This never happens for me, I never seem to guess correctly like that, so I was pretty excited. Yes excited over a piece of paper...oh the little things that excite us sometimes. lol. More layouts to share later.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Holiday Treats

I made a few little treat bags for Halloween. I got the little bags last year at Christmas time, and never ended up using them. I made a few different versions. This was the first one. Let me say that hand stamping the kraft cardstock with the orange and black version was taking me FOREVER... so that is how the other version came about. The circle trick or treat is a print and cut from the silhouette. Then an orange rhinestone is glued to the back of a black button. Easy peasy. Then I filled the bags with either peaunut butter cups, or the jelly sticks. Then stapled the topper to the bag. Super easy and something I think the kids will like to get. I made some for all of the cousins, my 4 and then some for some of our friends kids.

This one used a pack of $1.00 paper I got at Target. I wasn't LOVING the paper, so I got it to use on this exact kind of thing.

I started these Thanksgiving treats back a few weeks ago as well. They are clear pillow boxes. It has a piece of Thanksgiving colored paper wrapped around it. Then some thick twine tied around that. Then I took some strands of Thanksgiving vines I got from the dollar store and pulled the leaves off. I glued those on and tied the tag onto the twine and done. Super easy as well. These will go on everyones plate on Thanksgiving. On the tag I clear embossed the saying from a cute stamp set that I got on sale at Joanns. I found a bag of candy at Target that had Thanksgiving colored wrappers to fill the boxes with. Just a fun little unexpected thing on each persons plate this year.
I have some layouts I finally took pictures of that I will share as well (probably tomorrow).

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I wanted to get an early start today since I have a few things to do today. Just been moving along, and by the time I would sit to post something I had no energy to do it, so the blog therefore suffers.

I have been in the card phase again and wanted to share some cards that I have made recently.

I made this one with glimmer mist. I haven't played with the few bottles that I have in a while. So then it caused me to pull out the few bottles of alcohol inks I have as well. I ai with several shadeds of blue on photo paper. I let it dry and then punched out the butterflies. I then white embosses on the glimmer misted sheet. Rounded the corders and pop dotted the entire thing to a white card. I really love the way it turned out. This picture gives it no justice really. The lighting was bad when I took it, since it was dark outside already. I love the little last pop of detail that the little silver pearls add.

I made a set of 3 of these (well similar) to put in my etsy store as well. I was just having so much fun playing with the glimmer mist and embossing. On the etsy store cards though, I embossed bridal ( I think it was bridal) embossing powder on the large button. Love how it gives just a little extra "sparkle". (that is the picture above..blogger won't let me move any photos right now)

This card was cut out from my silhoutte die cutting machine. I love this card. I love black with a pop of color. Then I cut from the same color paper the flower image. I used the purple side and glued it to the front of the card, and added some more of those silver pearls. Love it. Such a simple and easy card. I need to get this in an envelope so I can give it to my sister in law today (whose birthday was last weekend).

This was a print and cut image from the silhouette. I love those little birds. I wanted to cut out or stamp the thank you, but had run out of time when I needed to use this card, so I just hand wrote it. I added some stickles to the feathers of the bird after I cut it out too. The green image behind is also a silhouette cut out image. Man the lighting on this card is horrible too....uck.

I cut out these little cupcakes on the silhouette also. It was really a more detailed cupcakes, but I ungrouped them all and then added the icing image to the top of the cupcake and then welded it all back together to make it one solid image so it would cut out just like this. Another pretty simple card, which I love.

Here is one last image of the first card (again since it won't let me move it to the top of this post lol).

Well off to start the day. I have to run to Target and pick up a few things, go grocery shopping since the cabinets are bare and my poor husband has been without coffee 2 mornings in a row now when he left for work, and I have some layouts that I want to get finished and another one I have an idea for that I am dying to sit down and work on. Oh and I have to stop at Joann's as well. Today starts the 5 for .95cents paper and I need a few more sheets to finish up the baby shower invitations for my mom.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A few things...

I have seen this on a few blogs and thought it would be fun...

Outside my window. . . a little breeze, and a fresh air smell coming in from the bedroom window.
I am praying . . . for rain.(yeah right though)
I am thinking . . . I want to get in the shower in a few minutes.
I am celebrating . . . that fall is here finally
From the kitchen . . . only a few dishes in the sink, but bare fridge and cupboards. We need to go grocery shopping today.
I am wearing . . . . tank top and capri jammies.
I am reading . . .. a few scrapbooking magazines
I am hoping . . . . I don't get any hearburn today
I am hearing . . . the smoke alarm keeps beeping from time to time to tell us the batteries are going dead, and the dog and cats chasing each other. Other than that it is pure silence around here...all the kids are still asleep....such a rare thing around here.
I am creating . . . birthday cards, Halloween cards to send out, Halloween tags for goodies to give out, little treat bags for the kids, their friends and cousins, Baby shower invitations, Christmas cards, Birthday party invitations for February, Thanksgiving place cards, Thanksgiving treat pillow boxes...and I think that is it??? lol.
Around the house . . . it's messy. Laundry to fold and needs a good vacuuming. (always)
One of my favourite things . . . . family time like we had yesterday. :)
A few plans for the rest of the week . . . return something to Joanns, grocerry shopping, 2 doctors appointments, 1 school appointment, clean the house (everyday)....nothing else major.

:) I just ate a doughnut and now I need something to drink. Milk actually sounds really good...but we don't have any. But since I don't even like milk there is no tears here. I think I will just have a glass of ice water.
Then it is off to hit the showers and run a few errands today. Return to Joanns, lunch to Jacob at work, grocerry store, clean up around the house, finish creating alot of stuff I am working on...stay warm :).
Yesterday was Jacob's day off and we were thinking about going to the air show, but just never made it out that way. Instead we decided that we were going to go down the hill to Bass Pro Shop and look around and get some stuff to fill Jacob's tackle box since we have doing alot of fishing lately. We didn't get as early of a start as we wanted. We went to get Jacob some new work boots first and then we had some friends stop by that we haven't seen in a long time. So we headed out about 7pm. We got the older boys each their own fishing poles and then a few odds and ends. We stayed down there for dinner at their restaurant. It was so good. The best part was the family time we had together. It was great. No attitudes from the older kids, no whinning from the little ones.... Had a great time.
There was a big fire on the freeway on our way down. Strange to see such a terrible thing so darn close to you. Sad...
Off to hit the shower before anyone else wakes up and wants to get in.