Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back to LA

Tomorrow is the day already. Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for, since the surgery. Tomorrow we are headed back to Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles so they can take these double casts OFF. He will get them off and just go to a single cast on his left leg, so that ankle can heal longer.
He has adjusted so well to having this cast on. I thought it was going to be a very hard month, but it was very easy. He got around all over the house in his "wheelychair". He just pushed himself wherever he wanted to go. He fit in the back of the carts at Stater Brothers and a bit tighter in the Target carts...and those are the only 2 places that we went in this time.
My big little guy is such a trooper. He just takes the issues that life throws at him and takes it with a smile. He adjusts well, and rarely complains.
We are so proud of him, and so excited to see what tomorrow brings.


Michelle said...

Congrats to your little guy!!! I am sure he cannot wait to go to just a single cast. I hope everything continues to heal in speedy time and that you all have a wonderful Holiday Season.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole,
Hope today went well for your little guy.

Paper Crafts Go-to-Gal

~C said...

OMG what happened to your kid?
All the best to you, speedy recovery!~C